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Admissions > Application and Admission Procedures
APPLICATION AND ADMISSION PROCEDURESThank you for your interest in the Calgary Waldorf School. For Application and Admission procedures, please follow the directions below.

Application Form
Complete and return an Application for Admission Form with the application fee and all required documents.

When to Submit Your Application for Admission
Applications can be made for immediate or mid-year enrollment, for the following September, or for future years.

Applications for Admission are accepted throughout the year. There is no final deadline. However, we strongly encourage Grade School applicants to submit their applications prior to February 1st for the following school year in order to be included in the first review of applications. Applications received after March 1st will be reviewed as place in the class becomes available.

How We Process Applications for Admission
Immediate/Mid-year Applications: If the Class you are interested in has available places, your application will be passed on to the class teacher for review. A review may consist of the following: phone conversation, interview with parent(s) and student, and perhaps the student's visit to the class for a day or more. When reviewing applications the teacher will consider such things as: age, gender, academic strengths or weaknesses, and social and emotional maturity of the student. The teacher considers not only the applicant but also the current students of the class. The goal when selecting students for a class is to ensure that we are able to provide an ideal learning environment for both the applicant and the class.

If the Class you are interested in is full, we will hold your application on file in the office either: until a place becomes available during the school year, or until we do our review of all applications in February for available places in the following school year.

January – Reconfirmation of All Applications on File
All applicants who are on the wait list for the current school year or who have applied prior to September 1st for the following year will be sent a reconfirmation letter in January. Reconfirmation allows the office to confirm each applicant's intentions for the upcoming school year. There are no additional fees required in order to reconfirm your application. If your reconfirmation form is not returned to the School Office, we will cancel your application.

February - Assessment of New Student Applications
Teachers will review all Grade School applications on file. Teachers will schedule interviews with students and their parents and then offer placement if appropriate in their class for the following school year, as spaces become available.

New Preschool and Kindergarten applications will be considered in date-received order, according to available places within each age range.

March 1st, returning students and siblings confirm their enrollment for the upcoming year with a tuition deposit. This allows us to determine if there will be available places in the upcoming year's classes that can now be offered to new applicants. Applications received after March 1st will be reviewed when there are available places in the following year's classes.

April - August
Teachers will contact wait-listed applicants if any new places become available in our classes.

September and Throughout the School Year
Wait-listed applicants will be contacted should a place in the class become available during the school year.

Tuition Deposits and Enrollment Packages
All new students (including siblings) must confirm enrollment immediately upon acceptance with a tuition deposit. The deposit is equal to 10% of the current year's tuition fees for that particular class. This deposit is applied towards the tuition for the school year and is non-refundable. In addition to the 10% Enrollment Deposit due upon acceptance into a class, a second payment of 10% of tuition fees is due June 1st, and a third payment of 10% is due July 1st. For enrollment into the school after these dates, parents will be required to pay these three fees in total upon acceptance (i.e., 30% of Tuition Fees is due if enrolling after July 1st). All deposits are non-refundable.

Upon acceptance into a class, a full Enrollment Package will be prepared for each family, for them to complete and return to the office.

New Family Initiation Fee
For newly enrolled families with a child entering Grade 1 - 9, the one-time Family Initiation Fee of $1,500 is due June 1st or at the time of acceptance for enrollments later than June 1st.