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Programs Overview > Junior High Overview > Social Responsibility
Teachers and parents in the Waldorf School seek to develop an awareness of community in the growing child. We begin quite simply by involving the children in kindergarten in care for the room, preparing their snack, and giving care to their classmates. Teachers foster a love for the environment through stories, songs and gardening.

As the children develop, their awareness of their community grows and we gradually guide them in participating in wider circles of influence from classroom to school, to neighbourhood, city, national and eventually world-wide service projects. Being able to contribute to your community is a sound foundation for the development of self-esteem. Our projects are always an integral part of the curriculum and grow out of the students' interests.

In our hallways you will often find the older students working with children in the younger grades whether they are helping them to learn to read, to knit or to carve pumpkins. These older and younger grade pairings are of great benefit to both age groups.

In our outdoor education program the students are taught to appreciate and value the beauty of our environment. Again we begin at home with regular composting, a school garden and the planting of indigenous plants in our school yard. As the students progress they may be involved in projects such as the Bow River clean-up and helping to save trout.

Compassion and an awareness of the human condition throughout history and the modern world are central to our curriculum. Teachers foster empathy for others and recognition of the necessity for mutual support in all realms of life.